How You Can Tell When Another Wave of Covid is About to Strike (Read This – It May Save Your Life!)

Like you, I have been watching too much tv lately.  And now that all the dead people have finally mailed in their ballots for “Good ‘ole Joe,” Wolf Blitzer can get back to hyperventilating over Covid-19.  This is important, because after a mere two million hours of coverage, the media is sensing that we, the […]

I’m Not Sure What the “New Normal” Looks Like, But I Think It Involves Pajamas

A plague looms over us.  A plague so ominous it threatens our very way of life.  A life-threatening plague.  I am, of course, speaking about the invasion of the Murder Hornets.  I survived the last media-inspired killer insect scare back in the 1970s – the “Killer Bees.”  As a veteran of the Killer Bee Hysteria, […]

Milo the Dog Makes Plans to Survive the COVID-19 Crisis

Fearing the worst, Milo the Dog took a moment from licking his privates to draw up a contingency plan to survive the COVID-19 crisis.  Here are a few takeaways: 1. “First things first,” said Milo, “dogs can’t contract the coronavirus.  So at least there’s that.”  He continued, “Apparently, cats can get COVID-19.”  “Good luck, Oliver!” […]

Nothing Says Quarantine Like Polishing Off A Full Quart of Ice Cream

All of this “sheltering in place” is getting a little old.  Mental health experts recommend finding a goal to accomplish during this time.  For example – Reading books you’ve had trouble finding time for.  Studying a foreign language.  Crocheting a blanket.  As it turns out, my goal appears to be putting on 20 pounds. In […]