I’m Not Sure What the “New Normal” Looks Like, But I Think It Involves Pajamas

A plague looms over us.  A plague so ominous it threatens our very way of life.  A life-threatening plague.  I am, of course, speaking about the invasion of the Murder Hornets. 

I survived the last media-inspired killer insect scare back in the 1970s – the “Killer Bees.”  As a veteran of the Killer Bee Hysteria, I have some advice – “Chill-acks.”  Back in the 70s, the Killer Bees got the media’s panties in a bunch.  In the end, however, the threat had as much fizzle as a day-old soda.

Murder hornets aside, if you been paying close attention to the news, you may have also noticed a little something called the coronavirus.

Everybody’s now wondering what the “new normal” will look like.  I don’t know, but I’m fairly sure it’s going to involve wearing a lot of pajamas.  Media tagline: “Pajamas – the new business casual.” 

I’ve been trying to maintain a semblance of my old routine.  It’s difficult, what with having to get up each morning and eat a quart of ice cream before pondering how many days it’s been since I showered.

This leads me to an extremely sensitive subject.  As difficult as it is, it’s probably something I should confess to you. 

Our society has a set of well-understood rules.  These rules are vital to our maintaining a sense of order.  Many of these rules draw clear and distinct lines we should never cross. 

Here is my confession (insert drumroll) – I crossed one.

Last Saturday, I wore my pajamas to the bank.  Yeah, I know!  In my defense, I forgot I was wearing pajamas until I was getting into my car.  I paused for a moment and considered going back into the house to change.  But, I rationalized, I was only going to be using the drive thru.

Driving away from the bank, I’m not going to lie to you, I experienced a moment of deep self-reflection.

Speaking of moments, the lockdown has left me with quite a few extra moments.

I’ve spent some of those extra moments on Twitter.  A new follower’s profile says he’s from Thunder Bay, Ontario.  When I saw this, I thought to myself, why can’t I be from someplace cool sounding like Thunder Bay?  The name Thunder Bay evokes a sense of adventure and an exciting mystic.  Then I thought to myself, wait a minute, maybe there is something I can do about this. 

I continued tapping around on Twitter, and I came upon a guy announcing that he was planning to cook some ramps for lunch.  Ramps?  The only ramps I’ve ever come across are boat ramps.  Then again, I am from Alsea.  Well, I should say I was from Alsea.  Check my Twitter profile. Now, I’m from Thunder Bay!

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