Oliver the Cat Adopts “Peace Through Strength” Policy to Address Provocations of Milo the Dog

Following extensive research into 20th Century military tactics, Oliver the Cat has adopted Ronald Reagan’s “Peace through strength” policy.  Oliver would like you to know that he is NOT a Republican.  He is a card-carrying Libertarian.  (Well, if he had pockets, he WOULD be a card-carrying member.)  This policy is in keeping with one of […]

Rose the Sheep Enjoys Much-Needed Support from Woman’s Bra

I’ll begin by apologizing for this udderly ridiculous story. I recently stumbled upon a scientific breakthrough in veterinarian medicine.  Sadly, the tsunami of fake news flooding recent headlines has practically drowned out this important, Pulitzer Prize worthy story written by Ben Hooper for UPI.  My regular readers know that I believe strongly that writers must […]