I’ve Abandoned All Reason and Self-Preservation Instincts: I’m Now Driving the Speed Limit!

Bungy jumping, big wave surfing, skydiving – all these have one thing in common, they’re kids’ play!  I’m now driving the speed limit!  Cop cars are shooting past me right and left.  On their way to an emergency?  No, on their way to lunch.

Remember when the highway speed limit was 55 mph during the 1970’s gas crunch?  The government promoted it with that catchy phrase – “55 and stay alive?”  Guess what?  I’ve been driving 55 mph for the last two weeks, and I’m absolutely AMAZED that I’m still alive. 

On the flipside, my non-hybrid Honda Accord no longer requires any gas.  See for yourself –

Okay, a little gas, but not much! 

I’ve been looking for ways to reduce my stress since my last blood pressure reading was higher than the average PowerBall jackpot.  They call high blood pressure, “The Silent Killer.”  This is also the name I call my daughter’s dog, especially after he’s eaten a chunk of cheese. 

But I digress!

I knew I had to take swift action.  I thought to myself, Jack, why not slow things down, take your time…  perhaps die in a fit of some maniac’s road rage?

The picture above is a line of cars I pulled over to let pass.  My grievous sin?  Following the law. 

In all seriousness, I’m absolutely loving it.  And I know what you’re thinking.  You’re thinking that I’m such a pathetic cheapskate that all I care about is saving money on gas.  Well, you’re right!  But I also enjoy my new slower-paced lifestyle. So please consider joining those over 75, a percentage of the criminally insane, and me, in the slow lane!

Driving the speed limit isn’t the right choice for everybody.  For example, traveling salespeople, pizza delivery guys and Los Angles Uber drivers, might find it impossible.  And, of course, cops headed to lunch.