Nothing Says Quarantine Like Polishing Off A Full Quart of Ice Cream

All of this “sheltering in place” is getting a little old.  Mental health experts recommend finding a goal to accomplish during this time.  For example – Reading books you’ve had trouble finding time for.  Studying a foreign language.  Crocheting a blanket.  As it turns out, my goal appears to be putting on 20 pounds. In […]

Pangolins Protest Negative Image, Seek New Publicist

Life has been tough on the pangolin community recently. “It’s not bad enough that we’re being eaten,” announced a senior pangolin representative, “now, we’re being blamed for a pandemic?!  This is an outrage!”  The representative continued, “And to make matters worse, whenever someone asks what a pangolin is, they’re told we look like an armadillo.  […]

The First Thing to Know Before Visiting Vietnam – Do Not Visit Vietnam!

As you read this, I am on a plane to Vietnam.  The most important thing I learned during my recent “Visiting Vietnam Orientation” was that under no circumstances should I ever visit Vietnam.  Just kidding!  (If you read the previous sentence backwards, it spells – “Help!  They’re taking me to Vietnam!”)  Okay, now I’m REALLY […]

I’m Not Exactly Sure What a Caucus is, But I Think It Might be What Got Harvey Weinstein Into All That Trouble

Iowa recently had a caucus, and now Nevada is getting ready to have one.  I’m not exactly sure what a caucus is, but I think it might be what got Harvey Weinstein into all that trouble.  I’ve been told that it’s when strangers get together somewhere like a school gym, or maybe in Weinstein’s case, […]