As a Horse Racing Expert for 90 Minutes a Year, I Demand New Rules for the Kentucky Derby

I was typing away furiously yesterday on a topic I felt would be near and dear to my readers – the San Francisco Poop Map, when a subject even more important (if you can believe that) came bursting into my living room.  It was Maximum Security – the only undefeated horse in the Kentucky Derby.  Maximum Security left the entire field eating the mud he was kicking up behind him.  However, he got disqualified because some whiny horse owner got his (or her) panties in a bunch because the horses mixed it up (daintily) in the final turn.  Maximum Security comes blasting across the finish line (to no one’s surprise) and my wife and I (we are horse racing experts for 90 minutes every year) figure that’s the end of it.  No.  “OBJECTION” is flashed on the screen.  What? Then we find out that there’s some kind of Marquis of Queensbury Rules that apply to horse racing.  We were stunned!

My wife turns to me, and says (this is a direct quote), “I thought they left it up to the horses.”

“So did I,” I replied. 

Then we had to sit there and watch some carpet-bagging 65-1 horse with the worst name in horse racing history, Country House, who wasn’t even involved in the infraction (I think he was off getting his nails done) be named the winner. 

It was sickening. 

So, I’m calling on all the Trump Resisters and the MAGA supporters to stop arguing over how orange Donald Trump is for a moment and come together in unity to help insure that this injustice will NEVER repeat itself. 

Please sign my Petition to immediately implement the following new Kentucky Derby policies:

1. Anyone caught whining about the race results is banned from entering a horse for ten years.  No exceptions.  And, the violator must show up every one of those years to muck out the stalls.

2. Once the starting gates swing open, it’s every horse for himself.  Here’s the only rule – first horse’s nose across the line wins – even if he’s just trampled across three other horses to do it.  (We’re crowning a champion here, People!)

3. Jockeys are encouraged to use the techniques made so famous in the old Ben Hur movies – feel free to whip the other guy’s horse – heck, whip the other guy!  Let’s see some action.

Thank you for taking time out of your day (and your critical work either “resisting” on Twitter or “MAGA-ing” on Twitter) to sign my petition. 

Now, I can get back to the important work of finishing my column on the San Francisco Poop Map.

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