I Am Working Remotely This Afternoon, And By “Remotely,” I Mean Sleeping On My Couch

I am working remotely this afternoon, and by “remotely,” I mean sleeping on my couch.  Oliver the Cat is working remotely, too.  That’s him, above.  Oliver has been working remotely since 1997.  Just kidding!  He’s only three years old.  So, he’s been working remotely since 1897.  (I’m including his first eight lives.)  Oliver INVENTED working […]

I’ve Been Binge Watching Amazing Race Reruns So Hard I Came Around the Corner This Morning and Thought I Saw a Clue Box

I have been binge watching “The Amazing Race” reruns so hard that I came around the corner this morning and thought I spotted a clue box. Turned out, it was a utility pipe. This made me take a hard look at how I’ve been spending my free time.  It was obvious I needed to reconsider […]

News Reporters Hit With Deep Sense of Grief as Hurricane Henri Fails to Devastate East Coast

Fighting back tears, reporters from all major networks bravely maintained their composure as the reality hit them that Hurricane Henri would not decimate the east coast. “It felt like a kick to the stomach,” one MSNBC reporter confessed.  “One minute we’re on seventh heaven, thinking, WOW, this is it!  Our ratings are going to shoot […]

If You Thought Race Walking Could Not Suffer Any More Humiliation, Guess Again

The decision shocked sports fans.  In a surprise move, the Olympic Committee just announced it will terminate the event that spectators most eagerly wait every four years to ridicule – Race Walking. The US media reacted in contradicting fashion.  The New York Times published the photograph above to document the dignity and grace of this […]