Good News for Those Bothered by Nasal Covid Tests – The New Anal Test is Now Available

As a “survivor” of multiple colonoscopies, I feel qualified to chime in on the new Anal Covid Swab Test that is supposed to be more accurate than the far less exciting nasal swab test.  Yeah, I know we’re supposed to reserve the term “survivor” to use in “cancer survivor,” “military battle survivor,” and the hit […]

How to Understand the GameStop Stock Market Scandal

Many average Americans, perhaps you, are confused about the GameStop financial scandal.  You may be asking, ‘What does this all mean?’ And, ‘Will it affect me and my family’s financial stability?’ The short answers to these important questions are: Number 1.  It’s complicated. And, Number 2.  Yes, it means certain financial devastation for you and […]

If You’re Going To Attack The Capitol, At Least Respect The Institution Enough To Wear Horns

Authorities are investigating the assault on the U.S. Capitol to determine whether it was a coordinated attack.  I have no formal training in crime scene reconstruction or political terrorism investigation.  However, my youngest daughter, Emma, and I have watched several seasons of Project Runway.  So, I am in a position to offer an opinion on the […]

How You Can Achieve 100% Success With Your New Year’s Resolution (No kidding)

Virtually every American, (99.6%), make a New Year’s resolution, and 99.5% of those resolutions are about their weight.  Sadly, a mere 36 hours later, 99.4% of these doe-eyed hopefuls are plopped on a couch polishing off a quart of Ben and Jerry’s “Chubby Hubby” ice cream. Lucky for you, I’m here to help.  Why?  Because […]

Last Night I Ate Too Much Chili, And Oh Boy, Did I “Release the Kraken”

Former Trump lawyer, Sidney Powell, recently announced during a press conference that soon, VERY SOON, she would, “Release the Kraken!”  Which, of course, made everybody immediately ask: A. What is a Kraken? And, B. What happens when you release it? A quick internet search will tell you that “the kraken” is a mythical sea creature […]

How You Can Tell When Another Wave of Covid is About to Strike (Read This – It May Save Your Life!)

Like you, I have been watching too much tv lately.  And now that all the dead people have finally mailed in their ballots for “Good ‘ole Joe,” Wolf Blitzer can get back to hyperventilating over Covid-19.  This is important, because after a mere two million hours of coverage, the media is sensing that we, the […]