Why You Should Cool Your Bananas

An existential threat looms in our near future.  The media relentlessly reminds us of it, and whether you wake up worrying about it each day, or turn a blind eye, we have an out-of-control freight train headed directly our way.  You know what I’m talking about, but I’ll say it – We have a Banana Crisis. 

Scientists tell us that bananas are being ravaged by an uncontrollable disease called Black Sigatoka.  I know it sounds like a Jamaican reggae band, but it’s the real name of this banana disease – I swear.  (Google it if you don’t believe me.) 

Can we even imagine living in a banana-less world?

The good news is that banana scientists are adamant that we will ALWAYS have bananas – just not the normal kind. 

Four hundred million Earthly people eat 30 BILLION dollars of bananas every year.  Now – THAT’S A LOT OF BANANAS!  But here’s the thing.  Most people eat normal bananas.  Here are normal bananas –

Normal bananas are long, yellow, and extremely delicious.  We grew up eating normal bananas. In fact, normal bananas even costarred in one of our favorite childhood books – Curious George.  There is only one bad thing about these bananas.  They turn brown faster than Joey Chestnut can swallow a hotdog.

BUT banana scientists tell us that there are many other varieties of bananas.  Here is an example –

Many of these unpopular bananas are called “plantains.”  “Plantain,” is the Latin word for “Weird.”  Plantains are strange green bananas.  The main difference in the taste between plantains and normal bananas is that they cost their weight in gold.

Of course, our favorite banana is the Chiquita banana.  Chiquita is Brazilian for “normal.”  We grew up eating normal bananas, and that’s the way God fearing pro-banana Americans want to keep it.Side note:  I started searching for a vintage Chiquita banana advertisement and came across another vintage ad that has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with bananas.  However, as your primary source of scientific information, I felt a duty to immediately bring it to your Medical attention.  Here it is –

So if you learn anything from this story about the banana crisis, learn that if you or anyone you care about gets pregnant, start smoking Nico Time brand cigarettes immediately.  Your baby’s life depends on it.

Now back to our regularly scheduled banana crisis –

As I said.  I simply cannot imagine living in a banana-less world.  So, I’m “thinking globally, and acting locally.”  I’m planting a Chiquita Banana tree in my front yard.  If we’re lucky, and Global Warming keeps up its rapid pace, I’ll be up to my armpits in fresh bananas.

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