The Last Undecided Voter in America Still Undecided on Whether to Watch the Debate

Bob Grossmeyer sat at his kitchen table in Akron, Ohio, last Tuesday morning discussing the presidential election with Senior Political Reporter for, Mary Sandoval.  Grossmeyer, the last undecided voter in America, explained his dilemma over whether to watch the debate that night. “Look,” he said to Sandoval, slowly and carefully choosing his words, “It’s […]

I’m Not Exactly Sure What a Caucus is, But I Think It Might be What Got Harvey Weinstein Into All That Trouble

Iowa recently had a caucus, and now Nevada is getting ready to have one.  I’m not exactly sure what a caucus is, but I think it might be what got Harvey Weinstein into all that trouble.  I’ve been told that it’s when strangers get together somewhere like a school gym, or maybe in Weinstein’s case, […]