Oregon: All the Insanity of Florida, But Conveniently Located on the West Coast!

Oregon has a rich reputation for rain, recreation and rioting.  However, as a native Oregonian, I have never felt my state has been given credit for another richly deserved quality.  I am speaking, of course, about insanity.  Let’s begin with its traffic laws.  Consider these two Oregon traffic laws currently being enforced  ̶  1. Oregon […]

Why You Should Never Betray a Hummingbird

By Jack Edwards My hummingbird feeder is notable for three reasons:  1. It’s antiseptically clean, 2. It’s filled with fresh delicious “nectar,” and 3. It’s completely devoid of hummingbirds.  In fact, several local hummingbirds have not only requested, but RECEIVED, a declaration from the Oregon Hummingbird Association to ban my feeder. Here is what I […]