Minimum Wage Nevada Vote Counter Reconsiders Her Career Choice

There are 50 states, but several always loom larger than the others – among them, California, Florida, New York, and Texas.  But the REALLY big one, the one which always comes to mind first when we think of raw election power is, of course, Nevada.  That’s because Nevada has a whopping six electoral college votes.  To put this in perspective, Alaska has three, and no one lives in Alaska.  On the other hand, California has 55 electoral votes.  There are so many electoral college representatives in California that if you stretched them head to toe, they would reach all the way from that great American landmark, the Golden Gate Bridge, to that other great American landmark, the world’s largest ball of twine, in Cawker City, Kansas.  (Google it!)

It’s day three after the election, and Nevada is still trying to tally its votes.  You would think that with all those nimble blackjack dealing fingers, they’d have finished lickety-split.  But no – Snake eyes, 

Nevada election workers are feeling more heat than the cat who crawled onto the engine of the recently parked Chrysler Cordoba. 

Cindy Smallwood, a seasonal election worker in Winnemucca, Nevada, took the minimum wage job at her local elections division to earn money for Christmas.  She is now literally losing her hair and back up to three packs a day. 

“I pictured myself in a quiet room counting votes.  But this morning, my supervisor recommended we start wearing body armor,” said the 36-year-old mother of two.  “I don’t have any body armor.  And frankly, it sounds expensive.  I only make $8.25 an hour.”

Cindy shyly admitted that she didn’t even vote in the election.  “They’re both a couple of clowns if you ask me,” she quipped.  She pulled out her smartphone and clicked on her Facebook page.  Then she scrolled to a meme she posted earlier in the day.  It said: ‘If either one of these nuts gets voted President, I’m moving to Canada!’

Then Cindy put her phone away, crushed her cigarette butt under her heel, and began pushing her way through the crowd of “observers” back toward her station in the counting room.

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